Top 3 Reasons Your Neon Sign Isn't Working

Posted on November 16, 2016 by Sam C

You just bought a neon beer sign from a garage sale.  You put it near an outlet to light it up one more time before you decide where to put it doesn't light up.

Before you start punching it with your fists, let me inform you the top 3 reasons why your neon isn't working in order of most common to least common.

1. Dead or broken tube.

2. Bad transformer

3. Bad power cord

I'm going to talk about a dead tube a bit.  When a neon sign has a dead or weak tube, it slowly will wear down the transformer.  With that said, be very careful when you buy a sign that looks intact but doesn't light up.  Most likely, a bad tube was slowly destroying a transformer and was the main cause of failure.  To fix this, you will have to replace the transformer and replace the bad neon tube or tubes.

Fixing a neon sign can sometimes cost just as much as the sign in the first place :(

Thanks for reading and happy drinking!

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